Correlation filed with NUFORC on old 1974 MADAR case

May 23, 1974; Calhoun, Illinois. At 10:00 p.m., State Police at Parkersburg, Illinois, took this call and relayed the information to CUFOS. Three witnesses reported a close encounter with telephone affected. Few details. (CUFOS). Less than three hours later, and about 60 miles to the south but in SW Indiana, MADAR event #5 took place at 2:42 a.m. Until recently this, yet unexplained incident, wasn't correlated with any sightings of UFOs anywhere, local or regional. But it was rare and one of those interesting incidents that occurred in the "wee hours", noted in many bonified close encounter UFO cases. The CE-II (within 500' and E-M effects) at Calhoun, Illinois, is close in time and location and was a close encounter with E-M effects on the telephone, provided to CUFOS by state police at Parkersburg.

-Francis Ridge